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Types Of Yoga For Beginners

Yoga which a discipline of spiritual Hinduism uses techniques to control your breathing, meditation for the mind body and soul, moving the body into different postures which is both beneficial to relaxing the body and keeping it in good health. If you have decided to take yoga classes to keep yourself fit, that is a very good decision. You might search for the closest facilities available in the area you live. There are many types such as Vinaya, Iyengar or even Ashtang. A young or an older participant does not need to follow the same type and can follow different variations of this disciple. There are nine main types of yoga, which are: 

Hatha – These yoga workshops are very slow in movement, which requires one to hold his or her breath while maintaining the posture. This is a gentle form of this movement and the meaning of hatha means any, which cultures physical positions.

    • Vinyasa – This session will usually deal with high intensity movements and your breathing will be high paced. You won’t be holding the posture for too long and the pace is quicker. Your heartbeat will rise and you will be working your body to pumping beats.
    • Iyengar – This type of yoga is all about the accurate detail and precision used to execute the move and align the body. You will be using a few equipment such as blankets, yoga blocks and rope wall, which helps to increase the range of motion. The positions are held for a period of time. Even if you have followed other types, you will still need to take a beginners class for Iyengar.
    • Ashtanga – Say no more if you are searching for a very challenging but organised approach to yoga. There are six sets of particular poses, which need to be followed by breathing properly leading to building of internal heat. Either a teacher will follow the poses with you or he or she will call it out.
    • Bikram – Bikram has a set of twenty-six poses with two types of breathing exercises, which required a studio that has condition of forty percent humidity and one hundred degrees. The same poses will be practiced for one and a half hours.
    • Hotel Yoga – This is similar to Birkam and is also practiced in a hot room.
    • Kundalini – This is more of a cult like type of toga. It is physically and mentally difficult to practice because it different when compared to the rest of the yoga. There are a lot of poses, chanting, meditation and singing involved. It tries to tap the untouched energy in the body.
    • Yin – This is the Zen of Yoga. You will find that it helps you restore elasticity and target your connective tissues. The power of healing through these stretches will keep you addicted.
    • Restorative – This is an extremely slow paced set of moves, which gives time for your body to experience relaxation.
      Now that you know the different types of yoga, you can pick the best suitable type for you based on your goals, age and weight.

Types Of Yoga For Beginners
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